Tom O’Neil the non family chairman of Clarks has surprisingly pulled the plug on support for Soul of Africa.

The last family chairman visited the Soul of Africa project in Natal and determined that it was beneficial to the Clark brand to be seen linked to Soul of Africa.

The Soul of Africa charity of which I am the founder, has always been a fully independent commercial operation supported by Clarks, which over the years Soul of Africa has generated more than $2 million to help 17,800 African orphans and vulnerable children.  Also providing well paid earnings for Africans in areas of high unemployment and poverty.

Clarks accountants had determined that selling the Soul of Africa shoes made a profit for Clarks.  But now the new chairman has arbitrarily decided that Clarks should not continue to support the Soul of Africa and arbitrarily cancelled the written agreement without notice.  Designating the new CEO to deliver the news to Soul of Africa.

Soul of Africa management are now working hard to be able to maintain the business and the support on which a large number of African orphans are dependent.