• News from Ethiopia !

Lance is working this week in Ethiopia on two Soul of Africa missions.
Firstly, he is checking the start up of a new shoemaking production unit which with British government support is making exciting new shoe designs for Soul of Africa.  Shoes for international customers and training and employing  initially  20 young Ethiopians.

Secondly,  Lance is visiting Brave Hearts.  Brave Hearts are an enthralling organisation, partly supported by the margin from the sale of Soul of Africa shoes.  It saves abandoned Ethiopian orphans otherwise condemned to a life as beggars providing accommodation, education training and employment. Now some of the orphans helped by Soul of Africa are at university, employed as cooks, accountants as well as shoemakers.

  • Konny is the inspirational bubbling dedicated manager of Brave Hearts. With advanced degrees in psychology, Konny has forgone an income to dedicate her energy and passion to give these girls and boys a real life as opposed to begging on the streets.
    Konny’s husband complains that ” I spend too much of my time and emotional energy helping the orphans away from our 4 kids. But showing them the example of helping those with nothing in this world and getting them to help in the centre is an important part of their education”. One of the girls, following a moving dance and singing demonstration with tears streaming down her cheeks, ” I have no mummy or daddy but you are my mum and dad”

Cheers for Koony