I was painting in the rain down on the moor, parked by the road when Mr King came by in his Land Rover.
“What are you doing here?”
“Oh, it’s Lance Clark, I seen you painting here before”
“You bin in Australia haven’t you!”
“You know my great grandfather ?
He were found trying to sell an embroidered shawl in Bear Inn in Street, convicted as a convict, sent to Australia in a convict ship in 1840. Had to work seven years on a farm to work off his sentence, then became a free man. Married and had 17 kids. Australia now teeming with Kings!
My grandmother, Mary Ellen King, she had 4 kids; worked down Clarks all her life!
She had two bicycles. One fast one with drop handle bars, one normal. She gave birth to my mother at home down the mead 4 in the morning. Left baby with her mum and cycled with the quick, drop handle bike to be at Clarks by 7.15am to not be dropped a quarter wages.”