Hugo’s work is just stunning!  Just look at the power and depth of his paintings, they are certainly the result of years of work. 

This week I’ve been writing to him explaining how I find, as an amateur, that -the real enrichment from painting comes from the action of painting outside, the  total absorption in the colours, shapes, contrasts of  nature.

I usually paint alongside Kit, my best 4 legged friend and in great company I savour  sunrises, misty days and sultry Somerset dawns.

Kit is often chasing rabbits whilst I sit there with my paint  box having a simple go.

I find a miniature paint box, a pencil and  scraps of paper allow the spontaneity as opposed to the mindset of having to set up all the paints and canvas etc.

Hugo’s painting  brings our Christmas together all back, Christmas with my family in his cosy cottage by the sea.

I’ve told him that when I finally retire then I would love to revisit Australia, and sit at the feet of the old master who brought so much in to my life!

This year my children and I  have just returned from 4 days in London where we went to see Rauchenburg at the Tate Modern; maybe he is heralded as pioneer of Op Art etc. But to me there is a special visual quality about his collages and silk screens that many seem to miss.

The lights at Kew garden at night were so beautiful, after the materialist vulgarity of Winter Wonderland nevertheless enjoyable enjoying  the girls excitements.  

Artists are so fortunate to have this world of seeing  that gets ever more intense as one gets older!