k-cream-tapestry1    Keiskamma Art Project


The British Museum has a special exhibition of pre colonial African art and linked to this exhibition Lance Clark is publishing a booklet illustrating the Keiskamaa Cream Tapestry.  Lance arranged for Clarks to buy and display the art work in Clarks Street headquarters.


The tapestry  hand woven by 30 African women over 3 years, depicts African history in 100 metres of embroidery, appliqué’ and beadwork.   It gives a running narrative of the History of the Eastern Cape starting with the Khoi San and Khoi khoi people and finishing at the 1994 elections.

The sale of this artwork has supported the production of the Keiskamma Guernica Tapestry and enabled the Keiskamma Art Project to set up some printmaking workshops.

Should you be interested in purchasing a copy of the book please contact Lance on  hello@lancelotclark.comk-cream-tapestry-2