malaga-bar-lanceThe Bull ring at Rotunda with it’s spectacular bridge spanning the gorge where Hemingway passionate about the ceremony and spectacle of Bullfighting visited frequently.  He considered the magnificence of bullfighting as a passionate and intense emotion for the spectator. Fear and courage.

Market square, Malaga 2016

The Al Huda, an overpowering walled city on a hill overlooking the town of Córdoba in Andalusia once captured by a Moorish army.  Having been conquered in the eighth century, capital of the Islamic Emirate and then Caliphate of Córdoba, it holds a myriad of influences.

The Castle, the Moor Kings, Palace gardens and Picasso museum-  all so inspiring.  Surrounded by a kaleidoscopic of  colour and patterns, an array of modern and historical architecture to absorb, I couldn’t put my paint brushes down.  I  painted many small watercolours in the city and on the beach.  You’ll find many of these paintings here on my website.  Take a look in my gallery.