I notice you have been sketching me…..

 “I notice you have been sketching me. Amazing drawing! How many years have you been drawing?  Can I have the portrait?, I wish I could do that”
“pleasure thanks for being a model, but would you mind e mailing me a copy, here is my business card”.
Lance regularly travels by train to London and uses the journey time to sketch portraits of fellow passengers. Whilst the occasional subject objects, most do not notice or ignore, but often it opens up interesting conversations.
Drawing on trains is not only an absorbing way of passing the time.  As described in the book by Cristophe Andre, ‘Looking at Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art’, drawing  is very therapeutic. It is so totally absorbing, it focuses the mind on the present. Switching the mind from future and past concerns and worries, the changed state of consciousness reduces tensions and builds a mental strength. It recharges the batteries. The book illustrates a number of studies by neurologists that show the physical changes the lowering of blood pressure, slowing of the heart beat and a switch to the calming areas of the brain.
Lance has received mails of thanks from people who have been stimulated to start drawing themselves and begun to find the benefits that absorbtion in drawing can bring.
Anyone interested to try themselves can email Lance from this website who will send a brief leaflet on drawing enjoy having a go!
Lance Clark