cartoon-lance .
Traveling to India,  due to an aircraft breakdown Lance was stuck for 11 hours at the airport waiting for a new plane. What could have been and what was for most frustrated fellow passengers a tedious bore turned out to be a rich experience.
Sitting in the airport lounge, Lance as is his custom brought out his small sketch book,  a 2b pencil and started to sketch other waiting passengers. An Indian soldier approached  and asked for his portrait.  Pleased with the sketch, he invited Lance in to the special Army Officers  lounge.  In return for exquisite Indian curries and delicacies, Lance sketched one by one Indian generals and other Indian officers.
Lance for many years has travelled extensively on business. On trains, buses, at airports Lance has build a collection of many thousand of portrait sketches. Occasionally someone objects. Sometimes the person asks for the portrait.  As with the Indian officers very often it opens up a conversation and in some cases a friendship.  Please enquire for sales.
Try it! It provides a great way to use time on trains and in airport lounges
Look out for the the British Rail cartoons,  to be posted soon !