Andre’s book ” Looking at Mindfulness; 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art”, a beautiful work confirms what Lance has over the years, found.
Painting, particularly outside is so totally absorbing that it is almost instantly effective in reaching the state of mindfulness. The book outlines  studies that substantiate the hugely beneficial benefits of painting.
Noting, seeing  colours shapes and movement are so absorbing that the enriching state of mindfulness can be more powerfully reached through the pencil and paintbrush than through meditation.
“I wish I could do that” said one of a group of Spanish ladies  who had climbed Glastonbury Tor at 0700 this morning to watch the burning sunrise from Glastonbury Tor. She was looking over Lance,s shoulder at the little watercolour he was making of the burning red and yellow ball of the sun rising above the mist of the surrounding Levels. “You dont need to pe a great artist, it is just doing it. All it needs is a little pocket water colour box, a small sketch book, a paint brush and a little bottle of water.”
You can enjoy Lance’s daily little watercolours from Glastonbury Tor here on his website.
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