Lance’s paintings at sunrise up Glastonbury Tor express the powerful, spiritual and mystical feeling of  the burning sun rising above the surrounding mist of the Vale of Avalon


Lance armed with small sketch book and pocket watercolour box has been climbing Glastonbury Tor at sunrise every morning.

Sitting on one of the Blue Lias flagstones Lance absorbs the surrounding mist floss covering across the Vale of Avalon obscuring all except the tops of hill poking above the white sun.

Then, the burning fiery ball of the sun slowly rises above the sea of mist warming all the sky.

Lance dips the brush in the little jar of muddy coloured water and picks up windsor yellow and then scarlet red and starts to record the impression of rising sun, mist and purple ridges.  Total concentration on colours, shapes, intensity and gentle movement.

As with mindfulness, but one hundred times more powerful the total absorbtion carries the mind into a new consciousness.  Call it mystical, spiritual or whatever, it is so intense that coming back to normal awareness, he realises that he is freezing cold.  Rushing down to Glastonbury high street for coffee and toast, like a battery he is charged, feeling stronger to face the hassles of day-to-day existence.  Mobile phones, emails, gas bills, parking fines and the list goes on….

He says, “It really isn’t the end result, the small paintings, although a bonus when others enjoy them and when a pretty Japanese girl on the Tor offers to buy them, it’s the recharging experience of complete mindfulness that painting opens up that makes it so worth while”.