Artists from Corbusier to Monet have been inspired to paint holes in rocks and their reflections on the sea.

Corbusier, Vasisily Polenev, George Innes Manet, Monet and many others have painted the Capd, Aval at Eterat

So being in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast in September I felt like paying homage to Monet and take my paint box to Durdle Door nearby. The sun was out, there was a strong wind whipping up foam and spray against the dark rocks silhouetted against the sun. People were exercising their dogs below on the beach. Sitting on the grass overlooking the bay and the cliffs struggling to hold on to my pad against the wind, I enjoyed and as enriched by two hours of deep sublimation in the absorption of painting.

Two weeks previously I had flown to Malta airport taken the ferry to Gozo and bus to San Lawrenz to paint the hole in the rocks at Dwejra. There perched on a spiky rock, I had also been totally absorbed in having a go at the complex shapes of the ochre and Venetian rocks, the white spray and waves against the strong turquoise and ultramarine of the sea. It was only when I returned to normal consciousness that I felt the painful hole in my backside where the rock had pierced.

Back home I mailed a photo of the paintings to my friend Hugo with whom I had spent many times painting on the coast in Australia. He mailed back what a coincidence, he had been painting the hole in the rock at Victoria’s Great Ocean Road for the Christmas Salt Gallery Exhibitionlance.malta.painting.sml