“China is a country I lived and worked in and Sanya, is one of my favorite Chinese cities”.   Lance loved it so much that he purchased an apartment on the  Hainan Island, also known as The End of the Earth.

Vast open blue skies and deep azure sea,  in seeing his Island works you’d almost believe you were looking at paintings of Hawaii.

In this collection, Lance  juxtaposes  stunning romantic scenes with more vibrant realities of destitute living conditions.    Chaotic towns and rusty stilt houses in Chinese fishing villages, bringing life to the generations of poor people living on water.   Documenting the  fast paced street peddler to the solitary fishing boats moored in a Chinese lagoon.

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Sanya 三亚, The End of the Earth http://www.painters-online.co.uk/art-community/blogview,sanya-the-end-of-the-earth_15783.htm

A number of Lance’s paintings of China are currently exhibited in the stunning Georgian building in Bath,  Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW