‘For more summer scenes why not look at my online portfolio at ‘Leisure Painter and The Artist’


Having just got back from Bantham,  Lance left a neat tower of sketch pads on his desk and in the top one, I found this !

It feels like I’ve now seen the boathouse painted in every hue of blue and green – in every season and since the 1970’s.   He tells me,  ‘it’s being outside in this glorious light, absorbing the summers unique beauty that makes it so wonderful and natural.  It’s such a fulfilling experience’.

Why not take a look for yourself ?  Go to the page ‘paintings for sale’ and  find a folder called ‘Bantham’ or if you’re visiting,  why not pop into the local pub ‘The Sloop’ where numerous works are being exhibited.

‘I hope they will help you relish and emerse yourself in the spectacular scenery of Devon’.

Also, in the ‘ The Artist and Leisure painter online’  you’ll find another portfolio where more summer scenes are available to view, some of Lance’s earlier works too.


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