’80 Years in Bantham’ exhibition

The ’80 Years in Bantham’ exhibition is currently running at The Sloop Inn, Bantham.

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80 years in Bantham

Soul of Africa

soa aid through trade logoSupport Lance’s charity ‘Soul of Africa’ by buying one of Lance’s  paintings, or donate whatever you can afford via PayPal right here.
All money goes straight to supporting ‘SOA’ and ‘Children In Need in Africa.
Thank you for YOUR support!

Lance Clark

Lance Clark – his life and work

Lancelot Clark is a one-off, family man and businessman, philanthropist and painter, based in Street, Somerset. Over the years, he’s developed a passion and talent for watercolours and shows his work widely.

Such is his passion for painting, he’s created a huge catalogue of work that he’s very keen to sell, but not for profit or personal gain. Lance puts every penny from the sale of his paintings into his Soul of Africa charity.

His artwork spans views of his native Somerset to scenes from his extensive travels around the world, but Lance is also a writer. His delightfully individual voice has echoes of Spike Milligan and his notes on life among the Clarks shoe company clan, In My Shoes, is a fascinating insight into his life in the bosom of the family that once headed up an iconic UK family firm.

Shoes That Change Lives

Soul of Africa is a charity helping support children in need on the African Continent, an aid through trade initiative set up by Lance Clark in 2003. SOA funds child and youth projects in two countries – South Africa (since 2004) and Ethiopia (since 2012) and so far, has contributed nearly £500,000 to South African projects, which has been matched by just over £313,000 in contributions from Rotary International, helping nearly 18,000 children and youths. In South Africa, between 2005 and 2015, the charity successfully implemented 108 projects dedicated to educating and caring for children. In Ethiopia, it’s given full annual support for 10 children at the Brave Hearts charity since 2012. This year, the SOA paid out nearly $200,000 in wages in South Africa, Tunisia and Ethiopia. But it’s not just wages – projects like training, educational programmes and building and restoring schools, classrooms and staff accommodation are funded, as well as improved sanitation, kitchens, science laboratories and sports fields

Meet Some of the Children We’re Helping

Here’s a video of some of Soul of Africa’s projects and the children involved. Buy one of Lance’s pictures or books and you’ll be helping these and other children to have a better life.

Let’s Dance!

Soul of Africa and the JA Clark Charitable Trust support a scheme to give dance lessons to children at Brave Hearts in Ethiopia. They find enormous benefit from the sessions at the DESTINO Dance Company. In this video, members of the Destino Dance Company showcase their talent – it’ll get your feet tapping, too! The dancers are wearing Barefoot technology shoes made by Soul of Africa, in Africa – stepping beyond aid with a leap into nurturing grass-roots creativity.

Bath Exhibition


The ‘Around The World in 80 Years’ exhibition is currently running at The Guildhall, High Street, Bath.

Around the World in 80 Years

Lance in Africa

lance africa